Lecturer in Film and Television, Royal Holloway, University of London.


On this page you'll find a number of data visualisations that I've made. They all focus on different aspects of the television industry and were made using Tableau. Note, these data visualisations are best viewed on a computer.

The Walking Data: Episode & Character Guide

24th October, 2016

This viz functions as an interactive episode guide for seasons 1-6 [contains spoilers!] It features characters that have at least 15 credits across those six seasons (though that doesn't necessarily mean that they appeared in every one of those credited episodes).

24: UK vs US Broadcast

29th September, 2016

This viz combines data from IMDb.com and the BUFVC's Television and Radion Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT) in order to plot the broadcast dates of US TV drama 24. The objective of this viz is to illustrate the closing gap between broadcasts in the US and the UK, with the former eventually catching up with the latter. It also shows how the broadcast window of each season gradually shortened over time, with the distribution more closely approximating the real-time premise of the series in later seasons.

What Does TV Viewing Look Like? 2009-2014

May 13th, 2016

This viz uses data taken from Ofcom about television viewing behaviour over a six year period. This is combined with data from Gov.uk in order to explore correlations between time spent vewing TV and average UK temperatures. Spoiler alert: people watch more TV during colder weather.